Spread the Love: 5 Blog Posts for March


It’s that time again. I’m sharing 5 blogs I have found helpful, encouraging, and insightful for the month of March. This is my second Spread the Love post. Each month, I’ll be sharing 5 blog posts, videos, podcasts, or websites that I enjoyed. You can find last month’s Spread the Love post here (note: the following blog posts are in no particular order).

  1. Is Perfection A Thing? By Emily at Patterned Petals. Emily’s website just makes me want to spend all day underneath a blanket in warm, fuzzy socks, drinking my tea and reading. Her blog post is exactly what I have been wondering myself lately. Why do I only gravitate toward my strengths? If you’re looking for a read that will challenge your thinking, check out her blog post. You won’t be disappointed.
  2. Why I Choose To Not Measure My Life By Numbers by guest author Tracy Huang on Bloomly. This post is part of Bloomly’s Hindsight series. Tracy’s post talks about how in life, we often measure our lives by numbers, whether it is success or money. There are so many things. It really is crazy when you think about it. This post made me think about how I shouldn’t measure my life by anything, other than the moments that bring my joy.
  3. Grit and Virtue is a site for Christian women “on a mission” and encourages women to share their inspirational stories. I stumbled upon this site through Instagram and can’t get enough of it, especially the Women to Watch stories. I was truly inspired reading some of their stories. It makes me want to go out in the world, do my thing, and be an inspiration to others.
  4. What No One Tells You About Going Viral by Jenna Kutcher. If you haven’t heard of Jenna Kutcher, she is a photographer and social media master. In her post, she talks about the upsides and unfortunate downsides of going viral online. After having shared an Instagram post that led to gaining international attention, she had to endure hateful comments from thousands of strangers about her body and her marriage. Reading those negative comments really makes me second guess whether it really is worth being popular on social media. I don’t know if I would have such thick skin. But Jenna says in the end it is worth it to have spread her body positive message.
  5. 13 Of The Best Productivity Apps I Recommend To Every Single Blogger by Holly Sutton on A Branch Of Holly. This last post is great because it’s practical and you might just find something new to make your blogging experience a little easier. Holly’s blog and YouTube channel is quickly becoming one of my favorites. She offers great insight for bloggers, and also asks some real and tough questions. I find her personality refreshing and honest. Most of the apps on her list I had never heard of. You might find some that you have never heard of either. Maybe they will help you out, too!

That’s it for my this month’s Spread the Love. I hope you at least checked out one of these websites. These women truly are amazing, and I believe it’s so important to support one another in our endeavors. If you feel the same, please share this post and keep the love going!

As always, stay encouraged, friend!