Why Google Search should not be your Go-To for Family Advice

Google is an every day aspect of life. If I really think about it, I probably use Google Search 10-15 times per week, if not more. That adds up throughout the year.

Most of the time, I use Google to answer math questions, or if I want to look up a song or a particular celebrity. But have you ever searched for advice on marriage or parenting, seeking an answer to a very specific situation you are dealing with in your life? Did you click on the first few results that came up, hoping you’d find what you thought was the right answer? Consequently, did you end up disappointed with the results and decide to search through Reddit or Quora forums instead?

I have. Probably hundreds of thousands of times.

And I realized the other day that the reason I’m disappointed with the results is because my first instinct for marriage advice, or any other kind of family advice, shouldn’t be a Google Search. It should be reading my Bible.

Even though the bloggers whose websites I had landed on were Christian blogs, I still felt myself rolling my eyes, hitting the back button, trying to find different answers. Why? Because even as Christians, there is no generic one-all answer. Each of us is going through different things. We are each on different paths in our walk with the Lord. Also, we are all at different levels of spiritual maturity. That’s why we have to read the Bible ourselves, listen to the Holy Spirit to guide us, and pray about our situation. God is the only one who can truly give us answers.

Essentially, that’s what marriage and family is all about.

When you got married, I’m sure a Bible verse was read, a spiritual leader officiated the ceremony, and something along the lines of, “God should always be at the center of our marriage,” was said.

How can God be at the center of your marriage if you don’t go to Him first? How can God be at the center if He is not on your mind?

Probably the biggest thing I have had to learn throughout my walk with God is that I can’t do things without Him. I can’t try to force something to happen because anything I do will not be nearly as good or beneficial as what God can do.

Maybe you have gotten a bit distracted lately dealing with the every day, menial tasks of life, and consequently, you haven’t spent time with God like you should. I just want to encourage you to take that first small step. Draw near to Him, and he will draw near to you.

Don’t feel ashamed for not spending time with the Lord. Just make time today.

Google doesn’t have all the answers, although it’s pretty good at looking up facts. But it’s not a resource for our lives, and it shouldn’t be our first instinct.