My Meditation and Self-Care Journey

Recently, I’ve begun meditating. Earlier this year, I started feeling overwhelmed because of all the stress of wedding planning and buying a house. The home buying process was probably the most stressful. In Memphis, the market is so hot. Lots of people are looking for homes and there’s not as many homes for sale. I felt like we would never find a house for us without settling. But, of course, we did find a house, and it’s been wonderful. I just needed to trust that God had a plan for us, just like He always does.

Now, I will say meditation might give you the heebie jeebies. It might seem like a bunch of hippie-dippie crap. But really, it’s just clearing your mind and focusing on your breathing. That doesn’t sound too hard, right?

What’s interesting is that once you start meditating, you realize how much your mind wanders. Whenever I sit down and find a comfortable spot and close my eyes, it takes a minute or two to completely shut out everything else. My mind wants to think about what I should wear the following day or what I should cook for dinner. But it’s a process, and eventually, my thoughts do wind down.

Through the Calm app, I mostly follow guided meditations, where someone is speaking, guiding me to focus my thoughts on a certain aspect of my life. Relaxing, low-key music or sounds play while I get into a comfortable position, close my eyes, and clear my head. I can’t say that I’ve made a habit of it yet. I’ve set a reminder on my phone, and honestly, I usually ignore it. But I am trying to make time to meditate each night.

Another app I am also enjoying is called Sanity & Self. It’s a self-care app for women with all sorts of advice and information for any situation. The point is to make a better you by taking small steps, and to develop healthy habits. It even has workouts on it.

Currently, I’m listening to the Confidence series. I am only using the free version of the app, so only the first few episodes of the series are available. But it has been good overall, challenging me to rethink some things. And if there is anything the speaker says that you want to remember, there is a journal feature to allow you to take notes or simply write out your thoughts for the day. It’s really neat.

Insecurity is something I am constantly battling, and I’d like to think the Sanity & Self app is helping me garner a more positive outlook about myself.

I just love how there are so many things out there for women. There’s so many blogs and books to read, Facebook groups to join, and Instagram communities to be a part of. It’s so wonderful.

Another thing I have begun doing is bullet journaling. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and maybe you are a little intimidated by the idea, but it’s actually been very freeing for me. It allows me to journal anything on my mind, all while still keeping track of habits I want to maintain (including how often I meditate). I highly recommend this unique form of planning/journaling. Don’t worry about trying to make it perfect. It’s really more about function and prioritizing your day. Find out more information at

Of course, I am also trying to eat right and make a consistent habit of exercising. My husband and I are doing the Insanity DVDs at home. They’re super tough, but I always feel better after completing them. I’m also using the Nike Run Club app to start a habit of going on jogs. My husband runs a lot, so I want to be able to run with him (and keep up with him). I’ve tried running plans on the Nike Run Club app before, but this time, I’m doing my best to stick with it and not beat myself up if I miss a run. I’m also starting with 3-4 short runs per week, so I don’t burn out too quickly.

I know I have a long way to go in my self-care journey, but I’m proud of myself for taking these small actions now. Hopefully, I can look back on this time in my life with a grateful heart for developing these healthy habits.  

What are some self-care habits you are working on? Let’s encourage each other!