My Top 5 Notebooks and Planners for Fellow Paper Addicts

Everyone has a vice. Mine is paper. Whether it’s books, notebooks, stationery, etc., I love it and I own an excessive amount of it. One of my most cherished gifts I have ever received was a beautiful set of stationery from American Stationery my mother-in-law bought for me as a Christmas/wedding gift. I used the stationery to write thank you notes from my bridal showers and wedding. Now let’s get down to it. The following are my favorite notebooks that I use on a regular basis.

For bullet journaling

There are two bullet journals that I recommend. The first is the more expensive option, and the second is a cheaper option.

This is my leuchtturum1917. Cost: $24.95

The Leuchtturum is great if you are new to bullet journaling because it comes with pages that are already numbered, an index page, future log pages, and directions in the back in case you forget how the system works. What I don’t like about this notebook is that the paper is not very thick, and the space between dots seems too small in my opinion. You don’t want to use stamps, markers, or any heavier writing tools, other than a pen. I started using this notebook as my first bullet journal. It’s become my everything journal, where I write down notes, to-do’s, thoughts, anything I want. With that said, I have found a notebook that I like better that is much cheaper.

Poluma Dotted Grid Journal Notebook
This is my Poluma journal. Cost: $8.56

The Poluma notebook is wonderful. The paper is thicker than the Leuchtturum, and it has less paper, which is good for me because I’m still new to bullet journaling, and it probably would have taken me years to fill up my Leuchtturum. The downside is that nothing is pre-set in this notebook, so no numbered pages, no index, and no directions. But hey, that could be a plus for you! It has a leather feel to it. It’s so cheap, I bought two, one in brown and one in black.

For personal journaling

Filofax Notebook – A5
This is my Filofax notebook. Cost: $18.95

Last year, I ordered my first Filofax notebook as a war binder/Bible writing notebook, and I absolutely love it. The notebook lays flat and comes with dividers so you can use it for multiple things. However, there are a couple downsides. The cost is a bit hefty, plus paying for shipping, and there isn’t a lot of paper that comes with the notebook, so you most likely will need to buy refill paper. If that doesn’t bother you, I think you’ll enjoy this pretty little notebook. It comes in other sizes, colors, and different kinds of paper (dotted, lined, graphed).

Moleskine Classic Notebook
This is my Moleskine notebook. I can’t find this exact version, but the cost of the classic notebooks are $24.95.

I hold Moleskine notebooks dear to my heart because they were the first quality brand that I really loved. I would use them to write poetry and jot down story ideas. They can be a bit pricey, too, but they are cheaper than Filofax. They are also more readily available at Target and Barnes and Noble. These are great if you would like a notebook that lasts a long time. You can also use these for bullet journaling, although I have not tried it. They come in dotted, graphed, lined, and blank paper.

For planning

The Happy Planner
This is my large Happy Planner. I’m not sure the exact cost, but I think it runs about $30.

I’ve had a lot of planners over the years, but I have to say my all-time favorite has been the Happy Planner. I loved decorating mine, and the beautiful paper inside. There’s so much inspiration on every page to make you smile with quotes and pretty patterns. The only con I would say is that Happy Planners, their stickers, and other accessories are not cheap. You can pay a hefty price if you become addicted. I still have so many sticker books with tons of stickers I have yet to use. But these planners usually go on sale at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby between March-June, when you can buy them mid-year.

Blue Sky Planners

Sorry, I don’t have a photo of my Blue Sky planner. I bought it from Target and have thoroughly enjoyed using it for work. It’s a nice size to carry around with me and has a beautiful design from Kelly Ventura. The smaller spaces make it easy to jot down quick to-do’s, and it has laminated tabs for durability. Nothing has torn or gotten beat up after using this notebook since January.

Blue Sky also makes academic planners and calendars, too. The website is pricey, but you can find their less expensive planners at Target.

Do you have any other planners or notebooks that you absolutely love? Leave a comment below! I’d love to find some new ones to add to my collection. 😀